Slip Ring Motor Diagnostics Program

Slip Ring Motor Diagnostics Program

Programme Overview

Slip Ring Motor Diagnostics training introduces techniques & technologies on how to identify & correct faults in an electric motor system. Including faults in incoming power, faults in distribution system, connectors, cabling and the motor itself. Techniques will also examine methods to identify and correct faults in the load process as they affect electrical reliability. Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) & Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) will be thoroughly discussed as well as other off-line and on-line techniques.

This focused-training course is designed for Managers, Engineers, technicians and their immediate supervisors, as well as people with their hands on or close to motors and the machines they drive. It contains numerous case studies, a real-life motor reliability improvement project description and a proven motor repair shop audit checklist. This is an excellent course that will provide you with knowledge that will serve you for years to come.

Target Group

Electrical and mechanical managers, engineers, technicians, and supervisors, whoever are responsible for handling Electrical Motor, especially personnel, who are removing and installing Electrical motors, generators, pumps, etc. or involved in the replacement of spare parts such as bearings. The training is also suitable for managers and participants who are involved in risk assessments for equipment in Production and Facilities areas, or for sales, stores, and administration staff requiring the knowledge on motor maintenance and etc.

Learning Outcome

The objective of this course is to provide the attendee with the knowledge and skills necessary to use motor system diagnostics to maximize throughput in these extremely lean times. Attendees will learn how to implement on-line and off-line motor testing to extend the life of your motors and other electrical equipment. The workshop introduces the latest technology for both testing methods. After participating in the seminar personnel will leave with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement the cost savings techniques of motor diagnostics into any Predictive Maintenance Program. In this program, the participants will enhance their knowledge and skills to enable them to make right decision to Repair and Service the Rotating Machines in their daily work. At the end of the program, participants will be able to:-

  • How to minimize the energy losses in a motor.
  • Understanding and implementation of Energy Management Program in their work place.
  • Procedures to Servicing and Maintenance of Motor
  • Increase their competencies.
  • Reduce the downtime and increase the productivity.
  • Proper documentation on Repair and Service of Equipment.
  • Awareness of Health and Safety and Environment

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